Are you worried about the clothes to fit in the surroundings of Chennai? Here is an article to tell you what to wear in Chennai.

What To Wear In Chennai

Chennai ClothingEvery place has an unsaid code of decorum which the residents as well as visitors have to abide by. As the adage says, "He who wishes to live at Rome must not quarrel with the pope", accordingly, one should be watchful as to not go against the civilian customs and traditions of the place one is visiting. Though, it is not truly possible to colour yourself in the same tradition as the visiting place, taking care of few do's and don'ts would make the voyage to various places fun and joyous. Talking about Chennai, the land of Tirupati and the 'Gateway to South India' believes in simple living and reflecting the same through appearance, body language and lifestyle. Though the city is one of the fast moving cities of India, with increasing developmental pace, it has not loosened its grip on the conventional traditions and customs. And since it becomes quite difficult to manage with the attire at the places like Chennai, with such amalgamation of traditions and modernity, we wish to throw some light on the apt dressing when here.

According To The Custom
Keep in mind that the people in Chennai are very simple and believe in leading a simple life. They are very traditional and particular about their customs and value system. They strictly adhere to the age-old religious and social practices and obey them with utmost sincerity. It's their cultural legacy and they are extremely proud of it. The conventional style of selection and adoring different traditional attires confirms this fact. Women are respected and given high regard in South Indian families. As a result, most of the women wear saris, with exquisite designs and flowing fabrics, further enhancing their traditional Indian beauty. Men usually wear a dress called veshti (lungi) and shirt. However, due to the modernization of Chennai, people are commonly seen wearing western attires including shirts, jeans, and t-shirts. Although, western wear is not very popular except in the urbanized areas. Thus, if you are still wondering how to dress up in the city; just remember that elegance and decency is the key to choose dresses before packing a bag to Chennai.

According To The Weather
Lying at the southeast coast of the country at the Bay of Bengal, experiencing a tropical climate, Chennai really wants you to think twice before picking up any dress from your cupboard. As the climate in Madras is terribly hot, cotton would be the most preferred fabric to wear in the city. The lighter shaded your clothes are, the better it is. The scorching heat combined with occasional rainfall may trouble you so do not forget to make space for a raincoat and umbrella in your bag. If you are visiting Chennai in winters, which is the apt season to come to Chennai, do not burden yourself with heavy woollen clothes as the temperature seldom falls below 20 degree Celsius.

So, pack your bags with comfortable and light attires, so that you can beat the heat. Besides, make sure that the dresses should be decent and not too revealing. Nudity is absolutely prohibited at Chennai beaches. Have a happy stay in Chennai!