There are a number of monuments in Chennai. Check out the famous monuments of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Monuments in Chennai

MGR MemorialChennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is home to several historic lives and unforgettable eminent personalities who contributed to the history of the country, significantly representing Chennai and South India on the national platform. The glorious past and rich cultural heritage of Chennai, earlier known as Madras, is quite visible from a vast range of spectacular monuments existing in the city. These monuments are among the main attractions for the tourists coming in from all directions. The ancient city of Chennai is in fact, enlivened with the splendour of these structures, which remind you of the bygone era. So, on the next trip to Chennai, do not miss an opportunity to these abundant historical and architectural marvels.

Fort St. George
Initially a trading post of British-owned East India Company, St. George Fort is located at the banks of Bay of Bengal. The fort being the first bastion of Britain within the territory of India, today enjoys the status of being the seat of the Government of Tamil Nadu and embraces the Legislative Council Chambers. Click on the link to know amore about this military architecture marvel erected as early as in 1644.

Freemasons Hall
The double-storied building, Freemasons Hall, situated at the Egmore area of Chennai, is a spectacular beauty and is the living example of the cultural and traditional heritage of the people who once inhabited Chennai in ancient times. The structure boasts of its Greek architecture, and the able management and supply of the crafts building materials by the indigenous firms of Chennai. Click on the above link to gain more information about the Freemasons Hall.

Government Museum
The Government Museum of Chennai is one of the most popular sightseeing structures in the city. One of the oldest museums of India, it was founded during the Colonial rule. The museum is embraced with an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures reflecting traditional as well as modern style. Have a look over the description of the Government Museum to enhance your knowledge about the heritage of Chennai.

Kamaraj Memorial House
The structure was built in 1978 to pay homage to the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Shri Kamaraj. The then Chief Minister, M. G. Ramchandaran inaugurated the House, which reflects various aspects of the political facet of India right after gaining independence as well as the contributions of Shri Kamaraj during that time. To explore the entire article on the Kamaraj Memorial House click here.

MGR Memorial
MGR Memorial is a yet another cenotaph in Chennai dedicated to the former actor cum politician of Tamil Nadu, M. G. Ramchandaran. The unique memorial having no sponsor for its maintenance holds the collection of 5,000 photographs, 3,000 shields, his letters, famous cap, dark glasses and various medals and awards won by him, including the Bharat Ratna along with his several other belongings. Click here to know more about MGR Memorial.

Senate House
Senate House of Chennai, built under the able supervision of the skilled architect Robert Fellows Chisholm in nineteenth century, is a wonderful monument in Tamil Nadu. Located at the campus of University of Madras near the Marina Beach, it offers an apt confluence of the Indo-Saracenic style and Byzantine architectural designs. Click to know more about serene beauty and hidden facts about the Senate House!

Thousand Lights Mosque
The sacred place of worship for the followers of Islam, the 'Thousand Lights Mosque', is situated at the Anna Salai Road in Chennai. Its name, architecture and the historical and religious importance has made it one of the main attractions for visitors across the world. Here, gain further insight about this magnificent mosque.

Valluvar Kottam
The auditorium with the name the 'Valluvar Kottam' is a tribute to the Tamil Poet-Saint Thiruvalluvar. The structure rests on the deserted lake and exhibits the 1330 verses of Thirukkural, the grand epic by Thiruvalluvar. The monument is in the shape of a temple chariot and contains a lively and splendid statue of the poet. Click here to know more.

War Memorials
To have a quick tour to the heroic past of India, have a visit to the War Memorials of Chennai where a number of memorials dedicated to the soldiers who laid their lives for the welfare of the nation, as well as those who died as martyrs, serving their nation can be seen. To know more about the War Memorials, click on the title.