Chennai, located on the eastern coast of Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, is bestowed with some of the marvelous beaches in the country. Go through the article to know about the beaches of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Beaches in Chennai

Marina Beach TamilnaduChennai is one of the four metropolitan cities and also an important part of South India. The city sited on the coastal region includes the scintillating natural beauty of sea beaches. They are the most suitable place to relax, away from hot and humid climate and are the most prominent all over the country, famous for their exquisiteness and vivacity. People from all over the world come to the marvelous here to spend their holidays, enjoy the natural splendor and to collect unforgettable memories. If you go to the beaches in the morning, you will get a chance to see the splendid scenic view together with calm sea, shimmering white sand and cold breeze. The life full of hustle and bustle provides less time to the people to enjoy their life but such type of places, full of natural charm compel you to take out some time and relish the moments. These beautiful beaches successfully allure the residents as well as the tourists with their natural appearance and panoramic loveliness.

On and around the beaches, there are many adventurous things to do as well as to observe. Some of the beaches have the facilities for indulging water sports while others include attractions like monument, fort, temple, church, etc in the vicinity. You can also see fishing villages and their way of living near the beach. Thus, these various things along with the natural beauty of the beaches make them even more appealing and unique. The pictorial view of sunset at the Bay of Bengal is really enthralling and breathtaking and to watch this divine view, people from all over the world comes to visit the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It will not be wrong to say that God has blessed the city with affluent innate wealth which makes the inhabitants as well as the tourists delighted and happy. So, whenever if you plan to go to Chennai, don't forget to visit such beautiful and magnificent beaches. The three most significant and popular beaches are:

Covelong Beach
Covelong Beach is one of the most captivating and beautiful beaches which in the past was the most prominent port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic. It is sited at a distance of 40 km from the capital city, stretching along the Coromandal coast. The adventurous water sports such as swimming, windsurfing are very famous. The beautiful palm trees with white sand provide you with mental peace. Go through to know more about the Covelong beach.

Elliot's Beach
Elliot's beach is one of the neatest beaches in the capital city, located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu near Besant Nagar. This beach is also famous as the night beach as it is the most preferred spot for the youths to gather and enjoy in the evening. Another point of attraction is the Ashtalakshmi temple near the beach which is built on the sand. Besides this, the Church of our Lady of Health, Madonna, is also positioned on the beach to welcome people of all faiths. Read on to learn about the Elliot's Beach.

Marina Beach
Marina Beach is one of the most renowned beaches of Tamil Nadu. Besides this, it is the longest beach in India and also the second longest beach in the world, which stretches to a length of 13 km. It lies on the eastern side of the city, bordering the Bay of Bengal. It provides the visitors with the most captivating view of the scenic beauty. Go on to learn about Marina Beach.