Travel and tourism fair of Chennai is yet another experience to rejoice the assorted wealth of the state of Tamil Nadu. Explore this page on travel & tourism fair of Chennai to know more about it.

Travel And Tourism Fair

Location: Island Grounds
Time: January
Organized By: Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation

From a child to an adult, fairs always remain a great source of attraction. Thankfully, these fairs not only serve the purpose of amusement and enjoying the leisure time but also provide a deep insight about the subject matter being promoted in those fairs. A number of stalls exhibiting merchandise and providing good bargain is the sole attraction of the trade and tourism fairs. One such fair is held at the Island Ground in Chennai, every year, and is known as the Travel and Tourism Fair. Luckily, if you get a chance to visit the fair, you may discover how vast and unique the productions of the entire state Tamil Nadu are! The prime aim of this fair is to promote the rural products and provide those traders a platform to showcase their matchless traditional products reflecting the cultural legacy.

The exclusive controller of this fair is the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation which organizes it every year in the month of January. The fair strives to showcase multiple facets of the state of Tamil Nadu at one platform. Other than this, the fair also provides an insight into the rich cultural heritage, by elaborating the places of interest and the economy of both, the state as well as the city. Cruise line, biking, trekking, photography, regional tours, camping equipments, maps, guides, health spas, national tours, international tours, conference venues, and adventure tours are few of the main exhibitors fetching the visitors to a great extent.

Travel and Tourism Fair is a prime attraction to the residents of the state as well as the visitors coming from all the directions. Thus, the great crowd-puller fair warmly welcomes people both from the native state Tamil Nadu as well as that of the neighbouring states. Besides, the fair proves to be no less than an opportunity for the traders located in the nearing regions as they get wholesome prospect to showcase their products and gain profits. Prime visitors' list of the fair includes travel trade members, corporate and business travel decision makers, leisure and holiday travellers (fit & groups), travel trade members, corporate and business travel decision makers, leisure and holiday travellers, national and international representatives from hospitality industry, travel planners etc.

At the commencement of the fair, you will find a large number of stalls in the fair, easily crossing the number of 150, comprising of the private traders as well as that of the government departments. Most of the governmental stalls tend to be informative in nature, providing information about the functional mechanisms of various departments in the different fields of administration. Along with this, they also throw light on the efforts made by the government with the help of models and photographs. Thus, Travel & Tourism Fair of Chennai is the perfect way to know and explore about the culture, society and tourism of Tamil Nadu.