Chennai provides with leading facilities of local transportation without any inconvenience. Learn about various public transport services available in Chennai, India.

Local Transport In Chennai

Chennai Local TransportChennai is ranked as one of the most preferable cities to live in as it provides the people with all the required amenities with the best local transport services. Being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, it is the main centre of travelling to the other parts of the state as well as the country. On a daily basis, the public transport is used by over millions of travellers with various destinations and purposes. The transport system of the city is user-friendly, eco-friendly and also gives you proper coverage with connectivity. Apart from this, for providing services to the citizens and visitors with ease and on time, several flyovers at important roads and junctions are constructed. For making the environment clean, the transport vehicles which release black fumes in large amount are banned and CNG is the preferred fuel for the vehicles. Hence, Chennai being an automobile capital of South India gives the populace with best means of local transport, saving time and money of the travellers. Read on to look for various means of local transportation in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Following are the various means of transportation which are easily available in Chennai.

Buses are the main and the low-priced source of transportation in Chennai. The bus service is managed by the government-owned Metropolitan Transport Corporation, which covers the city as well as its outer reaches. This service is regarded as well-organized and feasible. However, some routes of these buses are very crowded, mostly during the peak hours, in morning and evening, they are jam-packed. This source of transportation includes about 3257 buses on more than 622 routes and on a daily basis about 4.35 million passengers travel. The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CBMT) is one of the most prominent bus stations in Asia, which serves as the terminal point for all intercity buses departing from Chennai. Besides this, there is the facility of private luxurious buses which go to all the main cities and towns of Tamil Nadu and other neighbouring states.

Taxis are also available in Chennai, either hired or booked in advance through the travel or cab agents. It is good, if you want to explore the city or you have heavier luggage. The fare is charged on the basis of distance covered and this is why, make sure, before travelling, that the meter is working properly. Fixed-rate taxis are also available on airport, bus terminal and railway station.

Auto Rickshaws
Auto rickshaws are another means of transport which is comfortable yet a little expensive. It is preferred for covering short distances within the city. Before getting into the auto rickshaw, ask the driver about the functioning of meter.

Other Means of Transport
Besides the above means of transport, there are some other facilities for the transportation which includes maxi cabs, mini private bus, suburban railway network, etc. These transportation services can be opted at the time of travelling within the city or to the connecting regions of Chennai.