Muttukadu is a place located in the Kanchipuram district which is famous for water sports and as a picnic spot. Read to know more about Muttukadu, a small province of Tamil Nadu.


Location: Kanchipuram District
Distance: 36 km from Chennai
Main Attraction: Backwaters and Water Sports

Muttukadu, located at a distance of 36 km from Chennai, is a small town which serves as the most preferred picnic spot along with backwaters and water activities. Muttukadu is adorned with greenery, including coconut trees and lush grassland to provide ample shade and to give relaxation to the visitors, making the environment pollution free and breezy. Helped by the fact that the backwaters and the facility of boat house have been developed by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation for the visitors to stay and enjoy, the place is visited by hordes every year who come here to enjoy their holidays.

The main attraction of this place is windsurfing regatta which is organized every year in the month of February, plus many other water games such as kayaking, boating, canoeing, etc are organized here. Those who are adventurous and fun loving, they can also join the training programs which are held in Muttukadu. No wonder it is visited by thrill seekers as well as peace lovers form India and abroad. Prawns and Jellyfishes are well-known in this place and due to these reasons, it is also known as 'the land of flora and fauna'. It is just the perfect destination for spending holidays with beguilingly exquisite backwaters, peaceful surroundings and a charismatic blend of greenery and gleaming blue.

There are other places of attraction include Dakshinchitra, a small handicraft village nearby Muttukadu, structured in the traditional architectural style of 19th century and prominent for its ceramics, glass items and sculptures. It is spread over an area of 10 acres, looking across the Bay of Bengal, sited at a distance of 30 km, south of the capital city. In addition to this, it is a centre for the living culture of arts and crafts, performing arts and architecture of India with prominence on the mores of South India.

This site was opened for the people in 1996 and the project runs under the administration of the Madras Craft Foundation, a non-profit organization. On the way to Mahabalipuram, there is an amusement park, known as the MGM DIZZEE World which has many recreational facilities including Karnakasi Ranger, Dashing Boat, Arrow Loop Roller Coaster, water sports and 110 ft. Dizee Shake. Surely, it is one of the best excursion locales for the visitors coming from other parts of India as well as abroad. If in Chennai, do not miss the chance to pay a visit to this place.