There are a host of cinema halls in Chennai. Read about movie theaters, multiplexes and auditoriums in Chennai.

Cinema Halls

Chennai Cinema HallsCinema is one of the most preferred means of entertainment in Chennai. The city even houses the Tamil film industry Kollywood, which is constantly churning out movies for the entertainment of the masses. The movies made here are mainly in Tamil language, the prime audience of which is people residing in Southern India. However, it certainly does not mean that they do not cater to cinema lovers understanding varied languages.

Many Tamil movies have made their mark not only in India but also in the international arena. Some of the movies are made with such sheer brilliance that you do not need the language to understand the pure human emotions. This is why Tamil movies with their universal theme appeal many of the national and international audiences. This has created a huge need to cater to the audience's need to watch Tamil movies with novel ideas. Thus Kollywood is blooming so much so that even Bollywood stars sign up for Tamil movies and therefore share the lucrative pie of Tamil movie industry.

With the global appreciation for Tamil movie ever so growing, the need is to, of course, develop further. This has resulted in the development and expansion of the industry. As a result, more and more films are being made to lure more spectators. This has given rise to the construction of large number of multiplexes and cineplexes in Chennai. The city is witnessing a wave of private cinema halls coming up in the city such as the Satyam Cineplex, PVR Cinemas etc.

So if you want to get the authentic taste of Tamil movies and wish to find out what makes them so special then you can watch some very popular Tamil movies in some of the plushiest theaters around the city. These movie theaters provide excellent quality, comfort and nice environment for the cine buffs. Besides, they also provide value added services, such as baby sitting, play areas for the kids, etc. You can also avail benefits of some of the attractive schemes introduced by them from time to time. Moreover, other option for enjoyment comprise of the various events held at the auditoriums, such as cultural programs, exhibition, etc. Some popular movie halls in Chennai are given below.
  • Abirami Complex
  • Albert
  • AVM Rajeswari
  • Casino
  • Devi Complex
  • Devi Bala
  • Ega, Anu Ega
  • Gaiety
  • Grand
  • Liberty
  • Nagesh
  • Pilot
  • Sakthi
  • Sangam, Rupam, Padmam
  • Sathyam Complex
  • Shanthi
  • Udhyam Complex
  • Woodlands Multiplex
  • Rohini Movie Park
  • INOX