Chennai houses a host of people from different religions. Find out more about the major religion of Madras, India.

Chennai Religions

Religions in ChennaiBeing a metropolitan city, Chennai houses a number of people from different religion and cultures. There is such a wide variety present here that it can be called one of the best examples of unity in diversity, in India. The most admirable feature of the city of Madras is that all the people live in perfect harmony with each other. There is religious tolerance amongst people, who give due respect and value to other people's religious sentiments. Festivals of all the religions are celebrated with great pomp and show, here.

As per the census of 2001, the city constitutes a majority of Hindus. Following them are Muslims, Christians, Jain and other groups. The Hindus constitute about 82 % of the population, while the Muslims form around 8%. The Christians represent 7% of the populace, while the Jains are merely 1%. The rest of the inhabitants belong to different religious communities. However, the residents of Chennai are primarily Tamil speaking people, known as Tamils.

One can also find a significant number of Telugu and Malayalee communities in Madras. Besides, the city houses a large number of migrants from other parts of the state as well as the country. People residing in other countries of the world have also made it a resting place, as sizeable foreign natives are also seen exploring the city. Thus, people of different religions are residing in this extremely traditional city of South and are being nurtured, irrespective of any religious distinction.